What's New Archive - February '01

2/1/01 - Thanks to those of you who are sending in applications to be the new moderator! This will be a tough choice! Keep sending them in -- fill them out here.

Today I added the long-time fan Erika Goo to the Fans Section and Doug to the AIM Chat Directory. Check out these updates!

2/7/01 - We have a new Moderator! Her name is Eva and she will be moderating the message board as of now. Give her a warm welcome, and give her much respect as well. Say goodbye to imposters and hello to peace! :)

Notice anything different about the site? The World of Goo now uses a different counter system as you notice in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The new service is called yTrack.com, which is a new free service that tracks everything about your site's visitors for free without ads, buttons, or counters. Go sign up like we did, it's worth it!

2/5/01 - Today I added Tonya to the Yahoo Chat Directory! Add her to your lists!

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