And the "touring guitarist" is...

Nathan December

Yes, our friend from great Goo appearances like:

The Rosie O' Donnell Show


(Photo courtesy of Karen Houle)

And MTV Live


(Photos courtesy of Karen Houle)

Will be hitting the road with the Goos this fall. I don't know whether this is as a "touring guitarist" or as a "fourth member", but in all honesty, that's just semantics, and I don't think it's really our business to care. This is a job that I know most Goo fans (including myself) would have snapped up in a second, so let's just be happy for the guy and hope the Goo's have a great tour, cool? Cool.

Here's more info on Nathan, from the FAQ:

If you've seen the Goo Goo Dolls on a talk show, you've probably seen Nathan December. Nathan played second guitar on some appearances for "Name" and played mandolin and slide guitar on "Iris" appearances. Previously, he was the singer in Mike's previous band Careless and toured with REM as a rhythm guitar player on their Monster tour. Most recently, he was in a band called Holy Bulls that had a song out on the Iggy Pop tribute album. Nathan will also be joing the Goos as a "touring guitarist" on the Dizzy Up The Girl tour!

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