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This page will continue to grow as Dave Britton and Rick Reeves continue to bring us some great DMB midis. Thanks to both Dave and Rick for their help and everyone else who has sent midis in. Get the ultimate midi plugin Crescendo midi plugin.

Tree into pig This is the transition between tunes by Luke DiFilippo
Dreaming Tree by Luke DiFilippo
#40 by Dave Britton
One sweet world intro by Threshld87
One Sweet World by Dave Britton
Crush by Dave Britton
Halloween by Dave Britton
Pantala by Dave Britton
Stay by Dave Britton
Rhyme and Reason by Rick Reeves
Dancing Nancies by Rick Reeves
What would you say by Rick Reeves
So much to say by Rick Reeves
Best of whats around by Rick Reeves
Don't drink the water by Rick Reeves
Ants Marching
Lie in our Graves
Proudest Monkey
Too Much
Two Step

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