Stiff As Toys and Tall As Men

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Who is that painted man?

Smith playing guitar in blue light

Smith - the rock star

Smith in San Jose 1996

Picture of Perry 1996

Cover of 17 Seconds

Cover of Show album

Cover of Show video

Robert off duty

Robert Smith live in 1987

Smith singing in 1987

Smith 1996

Smith and Bowie at the XFM opening


Robert caught dancing (1986)


Smith singing

Smith in action Roskilde Fest 1990

Spin cover from 1988

Spiral Scratch 1989

Cover of Standing on a Beach

Cover of Staring at the Sea video

Cover of Strange Attraction

Cover of The Top

Cover of Three Imaginary Boys

Smith being silly on the cover of Vox

Wish cover

Promo card for the Wish album

Announcement of dates on the Wish tour

More date announcements of Wish shows

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