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   Better Late Than Never NUMERO DOS!!
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   Author  Topic: Better Late Than Never NUMERO DOS!!  (Read 2983 times)


Better Late Than Never NUMERO DOS!!
« on: Jul 21st, 2007, 6:54pm »
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Ok. Where the heck do I start? (In advance, I’m sorry, it’s long, again, I got carried away…and there is a lot about random stories that probably aren’t that interesting to you but I put them in anyway…)
Sarah and I arrive at the venue about 10ish, and there are already about 10 or so people there.
We sit down and start talking to others…and it isn’t not too long until a drunk arrives. Or whatever you want to call him. Apparently, he was the one who had kindly bought everyone cardboard sheets to sit on. Bless. I don’t have a picture unfortunately…I was slightly apprehensive about actually taking my camera out of my bag and pointing it at him…
Anyway, Saz left to go see her friend (where we were staying that night) and a bit later Myshele and Shona (and Shona’s boyfriend? Sorry I didn’t catch his name…) showed up….
Oh yeah and I think my timeline is completely out so I apologize if I’m wrong about when things happened!!
Myshele had THE PINK BANNER!!! So she hung that up above us, and then Alex and his girlfriend (Claire I think?) came and Alex bought his guitar so we had a sing-along!!!!

I have a video of it on my phone that I will be uploading at some point….
AND I also have a video of Myshele and Saz putting their heart and soul into singing Before It’s Too Late…which I know Saz will KILL me for putting up but oh well.
Andy, Robby’s bass tech, came out with stickers for one of Robby’s bands, The Bottoms (lol) and some CDs and ROBBY PICKS!! He had loooads of them and told us to hand them around. Of course I greedily stashed away 3. Andy is really sweet.
At some point, some very very very clever person had bought their iPod and speakers so we listened to the whole of LIB from start to finish which was awesome. And I love how we all knew the words in between the songs… There was a chorus of about 5 of us saying everything from, “Boxers or briefs….errr today nothin’ so…..” Cheesy to “SCREW THIS RAIN!!!”
Damage turned up and stood on the corner talking to Myshele. I wondered if I should go over and say hi but I came back from the bathroom and sort of said Hi anyway and joined in the convo, and Damage is really sweet. Can’t remember what we talked about…………apart from “SEX HAIR!!!!!” LOL.
It was windy. And Damage is crazy. Go figure.
To pass the time we made some more signs…..
Made one like last year for Damage, “The Damage (+ Andy) Fan Club 07”
Another one for Security Mike. Myshele made her “Always Dream Too Loud” poster. Oh….and this time….SAZ HAD A M&G!!! So she made them cartoon pictures. And I think they are so good so I’m posting them for her!!!!!! *edit * she just posted them in the Sheffield review thread……but I’m going to post them again to be annoying (the Johnny one is hilarious no?)





Anyway, down the side of the venue where the crew buses were, there was a pub where people went to use the toilet, and it was just past the buses. We saw the guy’s tour bus drive past earlier but we had no idea where it went.
So I decided I needed the toilet (again…) and sort of aimlessly strolled down the middle of the road, where loads of people on the pavement were excitedly staring at the bus which was parked on the other side of the road (it was a narrowish road).
Being me, I walked past them all thinking, “Oh, they’re all so stupid….that’s the CREW’s BUS, not the band’s. I’m such a good fan, I know these things, mwahahaha. I’m so clever lalala. Haha, they all think the band’s on there, but they’re not, lalala….”
So I’m strolling back from the toilet when I spot Lou & Nic who were standing oppositish the bus, so I go and say hi.
And they inform me that the band is on the crew’s bus.
I must have looked like a complete idiot walking aimlessly past the bus in the middle of the street….oh dear…
So just as she tells me this, the door opens and Mike M walks out. But I wasn’t too interested because I’d met them the night before and to be honest I’d rather have an encounter with them whilst not being surrounded by another 200 hungry fans…so I walked back around the corner.
I can’t remember much more about queuing so I’ll go into the concert I guess…..
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Re: Better Late Than Never NUMERO DOS!!
« Reply #1 on: Jul 21st, 2007, 6:56pm »
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So we got into the venue and 9 hours of queuing paid off, as we got just left of Robby’s mic. I stood next to Myshele and we *courageously* held a spot for Saz who was at the M&G.
Saz showed up EVENTUALLY having fought her way through about 500 people to get to us. Thank God for the crutch waving otherwise we would never have seen her.
So KIGH come on and they were great just like Sheffield, and I got some smiles because I’d asked for their autographs for my friend earlier.
And Snow Patrol’s You’re All I Have comes on…getting closer……
And then James Bond comes on….HOLY CRAP.
LONG WAY DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then…..
Feel The Silence
Black Balloon
January Friend
Tucked Away
We'll Be Here
All Eyes On Me
Before It's Too Late
Slave Girl
Stay With You
Let Love In
Better Days
Acoustic 3
Naked (originally Dizzy)
I got loads of eye contact from Korel again which was awesome!!! Some from Brad and loads from Robby as always!! Mike’s head was behind the cymbal so I couldn’t wave to him. :[
It was either in Feel The Silence or Become when John did the whole looking into the eyes, singing thing with me which was fun. It’s annoying because I can’t remember the lines he sang…I have a feeling it was this bit in FTS:
I don't know where I'm going  
Only know where I been  
But you move through my soul like a hurricane wind  
We've been so lost for so long  
I don't know how to get back again
Aww. How cute.
Tucked Away was fucking awesome.
And I’m in love the bit when as soon as Stay With You starts the huge black sheet comes down at the back revealing the Goo Goo Dolls banner thingee. Amazing.
Anyway, so back to Security Mike.
So he was really cute again. I don’t remember what happened so much like Sheffield….only bits.
The usual…joking around…….I made a gesture for to smile and he does the whole ‘macho stance’ flexing his muscles as if to say, “Oh no, I don’t smile…my arm is the size of your neck. I couldn’t possibly smile. I’m Security Mike. Oh no. Never.”
But don’t worry. I got him smiling alright Wink
He grabbed my hands at one point (actually I can’t remember how we ended up hand in hand….but I’m pretty damn sure I didn’t grab his hands!) so I pulled him towards me really fast and he lost his balance slightly haha!!  
But the best bit… CheesyCheesyCheesyCheesyCheesy
Half way through the show, he hops up onto the stage at the edge….it was rather upsetting because I thought he was leaving forever!!
But I see him talking to one of one of the techs, and he’s there for a couple of minutes.
He hops back down on John’s side, so now I’m happy he’s back I concentrate on the actual show again!!! (I’m not as obsessed as I sound by the way, just for the record…………..CheesyCheesy)
Next thing I know, I feel someone put their hand in mine, and I look in front of me and it’s Security Mike…
I’m thinking, why the heck is he trying to hold my hand?!!!!!
Then I feel something in my hand……what looks like a used Johnny pick!!! YAYYY!
BLESS HIM!! And there was me thinking he was trying to hold my hand…
Anyway, the show finished and we went out to see if we could catch the band again. And get my Security Mike hug.
But the tour bus went straight past us, again.
There were lots and lots of people hanging around the backstage entrance (where the buses had been parked before) who didn’t realise the guys had already gone.
I was upset about no hug from S.Mike, but Saz suggested that I get Damage to give him one from me, so of course, off I trot to find Damage!
I was just standing by the bit where all the cases were being wheeled out onto the stage truck, waiting for Damage. I was there for at least 10 minutes, and the venue security, who were being complete fucking assholes, were saying “You know the band’s gone don’t you.” So I explained I was waiting for one of the crew. “Yeah but they are busy and won’t want to be bothered by someone like you.” So this guy just laughs at me like I’m a piece of trash and goes back to one of his security friends and starts ‘bitching’ about me right in front of me…I think “pathetic” and “groupie” were part of their discussion…
So this had me worried...I thought, if Damage comes out and I stop him to talk, and he goes “Sorry I’m busy” and walks away, then I am not going to hear the end of it from those assholes, plus (although I’m not usually the person to give a shit about what other people think) I didn’t want to be ridiculed in front of another 40 people or so.
So eventually, Damage walks out, so I shout his name.
He walks over – THANK. GOD.
He says “Hey how are you?” etc. and I said, “Hey, blah blah blah, could you do me a really really really huge favour?”
And he said something like “Oh anything for you!!” or something jokey like that, and he gave me a friendly punch in the stomach!!
So I ask him if I can give SM a hug from me, and he goes “Of course, when I see him”
So he puts his arms out and I give him a big hug!! YAY!!
And of course loads of people around us go “AWWW” and someone wolf whistled I think, LOL!
And then we left!!
And that is all I can remember!! So..um….goodnight!! And sorry it’s long, again….and not much about the actual concert……
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Re: Better Late Than Never NUMERO DOS!!
« Reply #2 on: Jul 21st, 2007, 10:32pm »
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wow thats amazing... security mike sounds like such a sweetheart!! damage sounds awesome too.
i'm sorry those security guards were such assholes, that's just cruel and stupid that a bunch of security guards that no one cares about would treat a fan that way.
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  jetskiters   jetskiters
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Re: Better Late Than Never NUMERO DOS!!
« Reply #3 on: Jul 22nd, 2007, 5:18am »
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LOOOOOL loved your crazy review annie!  :nanner: :nanner:
i did a double take when  i saw that pic of alex playing the guitar... i thought it was a shot of johnny from behind haha i dunno, must be the hair or something.. yeah im silly...so i had to read through the stuff and then i found out it wasn't him.. but that would've been great noh? hahaha
and LOOOL about you guys knowing all the words between the songs in LIB... what a fun thing to do with fans haha
i love saz's drawings!!! snagging them, if that's okay with her LOL
glad you had an awesome time! and thanks for sharing!  :nanner:
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Re: Better Late Than Never NUMERO DOS!!
« Reply #4 on: Jul 22nd, 2007, 7:02am »
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Another great review, Annie! Thanks for sharing Smiley
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Re: Better Late Than Never NUMERO DOS!!
« Reply #5 on: Jul 22nd, 2007, 8:22am »
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Great review once again Annie. I'm gonna ignore the mention of the video... Embarassed
I love getting together with Goo fans so we can revel in our fandom, like knowing all the words to LIB and stuff... oh and you forgot to mention that Alex did "Iris" on his guitar and we did the violins and guitar solo, which cracked us up and him....
My crutches do come in handy from time to time, especially when trying to get people's attention! I managed to get through to about the 4th row back with no problems, then ran into a few troublesome people who wouldn't let me past even though I'd been queuing all day..... but then I saw Annie and Myshele and they dragged me to the rail. Wink The concert was AWESOME and Security Mike was so sweet giving you the pick!!  I'm going to state right now that at the end, Johnny blatantly threw his pick at me, maybe in payment for the "Love Song Pose" cartoon, maybe because we were doing silly actions to "before It's Too Late" - but I didnt manage to catch it, sigh...
And then the venue secuity people had to be idiots.... but hey, Damage was very nice. We should have turned around and sneered at the venue people after that..."See?? SEE??!!" Tongue
on Jul 22nd, 2007, 5:18am, jetskiters wrote:

i love saz's drawings!!! snagging them, if that's okay with her LOL

Yes, that's fine!! Just remember to mention me if you decide to use them for something. Tongue
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Re: Better Late Than Never NUMERO DOS!!
« Reply #6 on: Jul 22nd, 2007, 10:51am »
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I love your reviews Annie. I feel like I'm right there with you when I read it. Thanks for posting.
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