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How to play 10 Minute Music

• It's simple! You try to get the most points possible!

You will have your choice of two ways to score points. You make this choice for each turn of the game.

3 points:

  • Given a soundclip, within 90 seconds you need to give the name of the artist, the name of the cd or album and the year it was released.
  • With the 3 point option, you must physically click on the link to hear the sound clip.
  • You get a point for each item you get correct
  • You don't lose points for anything you get incorrect, so go ahead and guess if you aren't sure
  • After the first 10 questions, if you miss all the answers for a particular question, the game is over.

2 points:
  • Given an album cover, you have a minute to give the year the album or cd was released.
  • You get two points for giving the correct year.
  • You don't lose any points for giving an incorrect answer.
  • After the first 10 questions, if you give an incorrect answer the game is over.

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