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Wow you're an asshole.

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Posted By Mr. Happy On Thu, Aug 20th At 1:19 AM
In Reply To: Re: Who is Garth Fundis? Posted By Carl On Fri, Aug 14th At 10:37 PM
Of Course you've actually heard us so you know? In
my band's case, we tryed other people producing
our stuff, but we werent happy with them, so I
did it. As for the poster thing, Its not illegal
to put posters on lamp posts, unless I use glue,
or put them on the decorative lamp posts down
town, which is a waste of time, since staples are
so much easier to work with and they've got these
nice little kiosks that are made for posters. im
also not worried to much about breaking any laws,
since Ive done alot of more serious things that
were illegal before. Its really easy to critisize
a band you've never heard while you sit around
scratching yourself, no musical talent or ability
to call your own. Bands have to get their start
somewhere, and it usually isnt in a giant ass
arena. As for saying that my band sucks, Go fuck
yourself. love Mr. happy


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