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Posted By Jen On Fri, Jul 31st At 6:40 PM
In Reply To: Re: Who is Garth Fundis? Posted By Mr. happy On Thu, Jul 30th At 9:55 PM
>Id have to Agree with bob. My sister listens to
>country Music alot, so Ive heard the name, But
>>I know nothing Of country Music... Just of
> Punk.

This should answer all questions!!!
Trisha Yearwood is a stupendous singer and
successful business woman. Her career started
when she heard the music of Linda Ronstadt while
in junior high school in the small town of
Monticello, Georgia. Before Ronstadt, her great
idol was Elvis; after Ronstadt, she went on to
Emmylou Harris and the world of '70s country and
country-rock. Trisha decided that the music life
was going to be hers, too, and set about
achieving that goal. By 1985 she was studying
music business at Nashville's Belmont College.
After graduation she worked her way in and up,
beginning as an intern at the now defunct MTM
Records and progressing through a phase as a demo
singer to her goal, a recording contract with MCA

Then came the slingshot, "She's In Love With The
Boy" and her tour with Garth Brooks. That song
propelled Trisha's self-titled debut album into
the stratosphere, but it was the critically
embraced and million-plus-selling second and
third albums that confirmed her steady creative
growth. Hearts In Armor and The Song Remembers
When dispelled thoughts that Yearwood's
incredible success was merely a flash in the pan
and the Grammy Award she received for her duet
with Aaron Neville reveals the esteem with which
she is regarded by her peers.

The critics have responded to Yearwood's continued
artistic development. Entertainment Weekly has
called her "one of the finest interpretive
singers ever to grace the genre." Rolling Stone
called Thinkin' About You "a near-perfect example
of the country-pop genre." Country Music talked
about "a work in which the separate traditions of
Nashville country-folk and California
country-rock have been fused into a genuinely
superior modern pop album" and characterized the
spirit of Trisha herself as "one of confidence,
security, poise, and resolve lightened by good
humor." People simply said, "Trisha Yearwood just
gets better and better."

Perhaps the greatest compliment, however, came
from her producer, Garth Fundis. Speaking of the
reaction of songwriters when they're invited into
the studio to hear Trisha's newly recorded
interpretations of their work, Fundis told James
Hunter of Request that "Yearwood always goes
beyond writers' greatest expectations. It's like
wind in their faces."


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