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Re: Questions and comments for some of your out there

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Posted By Steve On Wed, Aug 22nd At 11:04 AM
In Reply To: Questions and comments for some of your out there Posted By CLAB On Thu, Aug 16th At 3:30 PM
>I think maybe you should practice what you preach
>mate, oooh all you computer nerds who hide
>behind their screens and threaten people, why
> dont you sort it out like men and stop bitchin.

You say say that, and then go and do exactly the
same thing. callin people, motherxxx etc etc
What is this world coming too, does anyone have
any common sense? If you had any idea what rage
stand for then you wouldn't post messages with
that kind of abusive and immature content. And
yes I know youll reply with threats to punch my
head in.


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