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Posted By CLAB On Thu, Aug 16th At 3:27 PM
Well first I was wondering if anyone out there
knew anything about RATM's new shit? Is it out?
I heard that they were already touring again. Is
this true? Are they still called RATM anyways?
What about Zack's new shit? And by the way this
fourm is under RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, a group
that promotes intelegent thought about political
consciousness through the politics and the bad
ass amazing music. So for some of you retards
out there whom only get on here to do mindless
shit talking with one another, SHUT YOUR BITCH
ASSES UP! at least be men and email eachother,
exchange phone #'s and addresses and meet up
somewere and have it out like men and not like
little computer nerd bitches hididng behing your
computer screens and keyboards. YEAH YOU!!! You
know whom you bitch-ass shit talking retards out
there are. Take that mind of yours and mentally
excersise your political conscoiusness and not
your Idiocy, even de la rocha said "flex the
cerebeleum..." (means exercise your intelegence
for some of your bitch ass fuckers out there whom
dont get the poetics). and if your gonna put
some shit talking response back up here well at
least be MEN about it and forget about me and
email Zack or the rest of the members and shit
talk them directly because after all Im just
reminding you about THEIR message. Just watch,
all true RATM fans will feel'in me on this and
all'yall other mutherfuckers out there whom will
continue using this forum to shit talk will also
continue Being little fake, bitch-ass peices of

Yeah Mutha' fuckers you know whom you are...
To the rest of ya out there
que viva la revolouccion



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