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Re: For janette/Janet

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Posted By anti-chaz On Thu, Aug 23rd At 5:00 PM
In Reply To: Re: For janette/Janet Posted By Jon S. On Wed, Aug 8th At 1:45 PM
That's because the majority of people at
live off in lala land haven't experienced a
single day in the real world.
Of course, there are many different opinions of
what the real world is.

For chaz, it's his struggles at the daycare,
untill mommy picks him up.
For the peacenick crew, it's a day of
bitching at a middle class liberal university,
courtesy of mom & pop.

diff' tactics for diff' times & places.

Also, fighting back isn't stupid OR smart, it's
human, it's instinct, and has little to do with
It happens cuz' it's human.


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