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Posted By Jon S. On Wed, Aug 8th At 1:45 PM
In Reply To: Re: For janette/Janet Posted By janette On Wed, Aug 8th At 11:53 AM
I keep trying to tell the people over at
that protesters can't just do peaceful protests
all the time. After a few of those, nobody cares
about what you're doing anymore. The same goes
for a violent protest (genoa). The police get
used to your protest tactics and nobody will pay
attention anymore.
Also, peaceful protesters shouldn't be attacked by
cops and anyone who fights back after being
attacked is not an idiot. In fact, the opposite
is true. The cop who shot guilliani in
genoa--very smart. The next protester to take out
a cop who's attacking someone, also very smart.

Oh, and i'm not sure if there is anyone here niave
enough to think that peaceful protesters will be
left alone by police, but there a bunch of people
at who feel that way. Maybe 9/10 times
this is true, but protesters should be ready and
willing to defend themselves the other one time.
It's not idiotic, it's smart.


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