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Re: Something funny.

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Posted By BW On Thu, Jul 26th At 7:43 PM
In Reply To: Something funny. Posted By You figure it out..... On Tue, Jul 24th At 9:57 AM
Someone is imping me and they better stop or I
will leave for good.I will start my own board for
imping only.

>It seems as if I have been posting a couple
>messages (on Sunday July 22 at 730PM & Monday
> July 23 at 830PM). This is really amusing.
>If you are going to (in EFF's words) 'imp' me, do
>it right. I don't cuss. I think I use my words
>better than that. I was in church on the Sunday
>post. It does say CST, and I live in the CST.
>Monday, I was at home, but I was not on the
>computer. So, either 'imp' me correctly, or
>Note: There is also an 'imped' message of Lance
>Buchi's on the 17th. He just let me know in an
>email that he doesn't even come to this board
>anymore, it's gotten so out of hand. It's sad.
>I think that RATM fans have a lot to say, so I
>may be starting a registration board for serious
> posters. I'll keep you posted.


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