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Posted By You figure it out..... On Tue, Jul 24th At 9:57 AM
It seems as if I have been posting a couple
messages (on Sunday July 22 at 730PM & Monday
July 23 at 830PM). This is really amusing.

If you are going to (in EFF's words) 'imp' me, do
it right. I don't cuss. I think I use my words
better than that. I was in church on the Sunday
post. It does say CST, and I live in the CST.
Monday, I was at home, but I was not on the
computer. So, either 'imp' me correctly, or GROW

Note: There is also an 'imped' message of Lance
Buchi's on the 17th. He just let me know in an
email that he doesn't even come to this board
anymore, it's gotten so out of hand. It's sad.
I think that RATM fans have a lot to say, so I
may be starting a registration board for serious
posters. I'll keep you posted.



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