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Posted By Stanley Steamer On Sun, Jul 22nd At 9:47 PM
In Reply To: Re: Deadbeat killed in Italy Posted By Mao On Sun, Jul 22nd At 3:45 PM
Protesters are important, but these EcoFreaks and
anti-capitalism bums need to experience a dose of
reality. They have nothing important to say and
that's why people of that mentality resort to
using violence when protesting.

I bet every single one of those kids will look
back in 20 years and laugh at how immature and
naive they were. Why? Because by then life would
have given them a bit of reality. World looks a
little different when you take off your rose
colored glasses and get a job.

>Yes, i definately agree.
>I think our glorious nation should seek an
>alliance with italy, so we can find new ways to
> >gang up on protesters.


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