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Re: Deadbeat killed in Italy

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Posted By usurper On Mon, Jul 23rd At 2:02 PM
In Reply To: Re: Deadbeat killed in Italy Posted By jenna On Sun, Jul 22nd At 9:49 PM
Must be Jenna Bush......your statements are so
kind. People died....who gives a long
as i have a job all is well with the world. What
do you think of the American Revolutionaries?
They smashed shit all the time....Boston Tea
Party? Ungrateful piece of shit. I hope that you
lose your job because of some Corporate take over
or down sizing or privitization.....when you are
on the street beggin for food, i'll take dump and
put it in box for ya :) EAT UP BITCH!

>I would have gone to protest too but I have to
> work this week! :-)


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