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Posted By ellen On Thu, Aug 17th At 9:04 PM
In Reply To: and it's me... Posted By Becky On Wed, Aug 16th At 10:49 PM
>every few weeks or so my favorite song on This
> Fire changes - right now it's Me.
>how well CAN a single song describe the most
>common, most overlooked, most tragic of ailments
> in our society, low self esteem?
>Brave songwriters like Paula are always my
>favorites. In one album, she has covered an
>astonishing range of feelings, experiences, and
>topics. From discovering yourself and what you
>really are, to domestic humdrum and depression,
>anger, heartbreak, being multifaceted, growing
>up, strength, erotic desire, sorrow, and
>comfort, to a generational sense of humanity,
>and much more. And these may not even be the
>things she intended to put in her songs, but
>that's what they mean to me and I admire it. I
> hope that's ok!
>For now, I remain...
>making my monsters,
>beating myself up, and
>stripping my own confidence...

Hi Becky! I liked your comments. You're right!


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