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Posted By Becky On Wed, Aug 16th At 10:49 PM
every few weeks or so my favorite song on This
Fire changes - right now it's Me.
how well CAN a single song describe the most
common, most overlooked, most tragic of ailments
in our society, low self esteem?
Brave songwriters like Paula are always my
favorites. In one album, she has covered an
astonishing range of feelings, experiences, and
topics. From discovering yourself and what you
really are, to domestic humdrum and depression,
anger, heartbreak, being multifaceted, growing
up, strength, erotic desire, sorrow, and comfort,
to a generational sense of humanity, and much
more. And these may not even be the things she
intended to put in her songs, but that's what
they mean to me and I admire it. I hope that's

For now, I remain...

making my monsters,
beating myself up, and
stripping my own confidence...



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