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Posted By Ellen On Sat, Jun 24th At 10:07 PM
In Reply To: Paula is Brilliant! Posted By Vincent On Wed, Jun 21st At 11:23 AM
>I don't understand some of the posts on this
>forum. "Paula stinks," "she's hairy," "all of
>her songs suck!" I mean, what is wrong with some
>people? Paula is brilliant, a genius as far as
>I'm concerned. She's got a HUGE vocal range,
>plays many different instruments beautifully,
>and writes outstanding lyrics to go with her
>amazing music. I've seen her 4 times live, she
>gets better every time, which is amazing in
>itself. I've also met her once, and she's the
>sweetest, kindest person on the planet! People
>are just stupid to judge her music because of
>her armpit hair or because of ONE song! Get
>over it! Paula, if you ever come in here, just
>know that some of the more >intelligent life
> form think you're outstanding!

Your absolutely right on Vincent! Good comments!

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    • Re: Paula is Brilliant! - Ellen Sat, Jun 24th At 10:07 PM (0)

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