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Posted By Vincent On Wed, Jun 21st At 11:23 AM
I don't understand some of the posts on this
forum. "Paula stinks," "she's hairy," "all of
her songs suck!" I mean, what is wrong with some
people? Paula is brilliant, a genius as far as
I'm concerned. She's got a HUGE vocal range,
plays many different instruments beautifully, and
writes outstanding lyrics to go with her amazing
music. I've seen her 4 times live, she gets
better every time, which is amazing in itself.
I've also met her once, and she's the sweetest,
kindest person on the planet! People are just
stupid to judge her music because of her armpit
hair or because of ONE song! Get over it!
Paula, if you ever come in here, just know that
some of the more intelligent life form think
you're outstanding!

  • Paula is Brilliant! - Vincent Wed, Jun 21st At 11:23 AM (1)

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