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Kurzweils book

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Posted By Jim Varney On Mon, Jul 23rd At 8:46 PM
In Reply To: Countdown/Kurzweils book Posted By Chelsea On Thu, Jul 19th At 10:42 AM
Hey, i also bought the book, it cost me $21.67.
I've only read a little bit, but it's really
interesting things. He's got the kind of
consciousness that only geniuses can conquer and
the insane posses. (did i spell that right) HE
makes me realize somethings and life patterns
that have always been there, and i never
realized. You should get it, but bring along a
dictionary, cuz some words you can't really
comprehend by yourself

  • Countdown/Kurzweils book - Chelsea Thu, Jul 19th At 10:42 AM (1)
    • Kurzweils book - Jim Varney Mon, Jul 23rd At 8:46 PM (0)

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