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Countdown/Kurzweils book

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Posted By Chelsea On Thu, Jul 19th At 10:42 AM
I am sooooooo stoked about going to the Olp
concert in Portland Maine. My friend Greg is
coming, and i know it will be a wicked time. 9
days from now, i will be in the USA waiting to
see them that night. I bought the book Spiritual
Machines, and i think it is the most interesting
book i have ever read. (I don't read alot tho.)
Kurzweil is either crazy, or more sane than the
rest of us, but he is amazing. I have read only
so far, but from what i have read, this book
rules all. Just to let you know. It's like 23
bucks Canadian, (like a dollar American) well, i
have to go because my big bro is nagging at me to
wash the kitchen, so he can get on the computer.

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