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July 10th- The OLP concert in LA at the HOB.

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Posted By Liz On Thu, Jul 12th At 3:04 AM
Yes, I'm new around these parts, and I'm
admittedly a newer fan of this awesome band only
because I have the misfortunate of living in
America where only 2.5 of the population has ever
heard of the greatest band in the world (in my
ever so humble opinion.) Ever since I stumbled
upon OLP in a downloading frenzy on Napster about
a year ago, I've admired and adored the band and
prayed for the chance to see them live. And it
happened yesterday. I drove 120 miles up to LA to
see them perform at the House of Blues, and it
was worth every penny I spent to make the trip.
Not to sound cliche, but it was the best night of
my life.

The venue was small and intimate, and I was smack
dab in the center right in the front- I couldn't
have asked for a better spot on the floor. The
entire concert was amazing. Raine, Mike, Duncan
and Jeremy certainly know how to put on a great
show. They opened with 'Middle of Yesterday' and
launched immediately into 'Right Behind You' (my
favorite song). They played '4am' for the encore
and let the audience sing along. Also a very
memorable experience. They closed with
'Starseed'. I never expected them to be so
amazing live, but they exceeded all my

Afterwards, by some freak occurrence, I got my
hands on a backstage pass, and had the pleasure
of meeting the band. After such an exhausting
performance, they were the nicest, most
down-to-earth guys. I talked the most with Mike
and got several pics with Raine and the other
band members. The whole night seems so surreal,
but when I looked at my autographed 'Spiritual
Machines' booklet, I know it wasn't a dream. OLP
has skyrocketed to the position of my ultimate,
favorite band. I don't think anyone could touch
the greatness that is them.



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