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June 26th show in Chicago

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Posted By Scaf On Thu, Jul 12th At 2:41 AM
I was at that Chicago show too. That was the
best concert I've ever been to. They did open
with Middle of Yesterday, then went right into
Mafia. It was great. They closed with Starseed,
which made me go nuts cause it's my favorite OLP
song. Whatever was awesome too, I need to find
that somewhere. The encore was the best part.
The came back out, played a completely awesome
version of 4 A.M. that only the audience sang,
and then closed with Julia and Starseed. They
recorded the whole show too. If you were at that
show, where were you at? I was on the left side,
right next to the idiots moshing to the wrong
songs. I can't wait for them to come back to
Chicago though.

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