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Posted By PAC On Sun, Dec 11th At 5:20 PM
In Reply To: Re: Natalie Imbruglia Posted By Zaheer (south Africa) On Thu, Apr 21st At 8:19 AM
>Hello, and HOW ARE YOU?
>guess what... u are now startin 2 to abuse that
>priveledge of being beautiful:) the new hair
> is:>
>imfrom Southen Africa and furter more this
>country is booming.cultural house, hard house or
>even laid back, chill out sessions. Maybe even
>throw a concert. ill get u hook up with some
>excellent african producers who mainly do white
>funky gigs. African coast a sipin martini's!
> Bring ur staff an chill outthe warm Southern
>african sun or a variety of secluded spots. south
>africa is cheap to party in. and dont forget to
>invite him. ur boyfriend.... oh... and to invite
>me if you in SA at anytime, it is honestly my
>dream to see if ur more gorgeous on the telly,
>when compared to the real world. ill be the tour
>guide. thanks for reading, deep down i know its
> just farfetched hope.
>but... hope is a good thing... probably the best
> of things!!!
>Zaheer Bux
>South Africa

She is more beautiful in real life, i've met


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