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Posted By Zaheer (south Africa) On Thu, Apr 21st At 8:19 AM
In Reply To: Natalie Imbruglia Posted By John On Thu, Nov 21st At 9:25 AM
Hello, and HOW ARE YOU?

guess what... u are now startin 2 to abuse that
priveledge of being beautiful:) the new hair is:>

imfrom Southen Africa and furter more this country
is booming.cultural house, hard house or even
laid back, chill out sessions. Maybe even throw a
concert. ill get u hook up with some excellent
african producers who mainly do white funky gigs.
African coast a sipin martini's! Bring ur staff
an chill outthe warm Southern
african sun or a variety of secluded spots. south
africa is cheap to party in. and dont forget to
invite him. ur boyfriend.... oh... and to invite
me if you in SA at anytime, it is honestly my
dream to see if ur more gorgeous on the telly,
when compared to the real world. ill be the tour
guide. thanks for reading, deep down i know its
just farfetched hope.

but... hope is a good thing... probably the best
of things!!!

Zaheer Bux
South Africa


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