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Posted By Magalie Dochez On Thu, May 13th At 1:08 PM
Hey Meredith,
my name is Magalie Dochez,I'm from Belgium and I'm
I just wanna say you're the most wonderful person
on this world because every morning when I see
that poster of you I know I'm not alone.
(I scratched that poster of a wall when I went to
your concert in Gent.There was this man knocking
on the window to say don't do that.I always hoped
you were in the room behind that window.It was
really my lucky day then because I caught your
plectrum too.)
You help me to be (and stay) idealistic
(most people tell me I'm naieve but your poster
sure doesn't tell me that)
SO EVERYBODY who reads this : Be happy because
there are people on this planet who feel alive
and want to make a better place of this world.
By the way your music is great.
BYE, Magalie.

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