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Posted By Jessi On Wed, May 12th At 11:39 PM
You are so cool. I'll admit, I never really liked
your music before. But I'm a student at
Cleveland HS, where you came to speak on the
eleventh, and you completely wowed me. I never
realized before how much heart and soul you put
into your music and lyrics and everything. I
think about it and hear it in a new light now. I
really listen to the lyrics. You're a very smart
woman. This is going to sound crazy, but when
you came, I was standing next to you and happened
to tell you that I like your shirt. (I have red
hair. I hope that you remember me, but I can
totally understand if you can't!! I'm sure you
meet many, many students.) But anyway, I'd love
to find out if your friend sells those shirts;
I'd be very interested in one! Anyway, I was kind
of hoping that if you have the time, maybe you
could e-mail me back. And always remember this;
even if you never inspire another person the rest
of your life, you were a great mentor for me. I
know I have talent, and you have given me courage
to push through the barriers that may come my
way. Thank you soo much. You're the
~Jessi, Portland, OR

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