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Re: Anticipated albums.. ( Who's ready to step up? )

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Posted By green.machine On Thu, Jul 26th At 3:30 PM
In Reply To: Anticipated albums.. ( Who's ready to step up? ) Posted By bluerocket On Wed, Jul 25th At 5:24 PM
I agree completely. I got the latest from Depeche
Mode, who are like one of
my all time favorites and there wasn't one song on
there that blew me away
like anything on Violator did. Not even the single
was that memorable. I
absolutely love Travis's new one, though. I think
it's even better than
their last one. I sing "Sing" in my head all the
time. I am really looking
forward to The Verve Pipe's new CD "Underneath"
coming out. I've always liked what they'
ve done and I feel pretty confident that the new
one going to be worth the
wait. I just went to for a
sample of the new single
on there... so far, what I've heard sounds great,
which is another reason
why I feel pretty confident that it's going to be
a great CD.


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