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Anticipated albums.. ( Who's ready to step up? )

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Posted By bluerocket On Wed, Jul 25th At 5:24 PM
Has anyone else been disappointed lately? In my
opinion, a lot of the bands
that were stepping up to the plate, hitting home
runs and blowing away the
competition a decade ago are now becoming the ones
getting outshined by
today's up-and-comers. Not that this is anything
new, but does it have to
happen to so quickly to so many? So far, I've
heard the latest from several
of my old favorites that I found to be uninspired
letdowns. Does anyone
else agree with me? On a more positive note, has
anyone heard any new
releases from your old favorite bands that were
everything you hoped they'd
be? Who has a new release coming out that you
have high expectations for?
Bring it...


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