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Posted By beettact On Sat, Jul 8th At 5:45 PM
In Reply To: sex'n'candy Posted By neokid2u On Wed, Jun 28th At 4:57 PM
Great song that is! Hey about this remix that you
are atlking about is that the same as what is on
the David Bowie site? There is an Interactive
Remix Project there with "The pretty things are
going to hell" That seems like the same kind of
mix you are talking about. There even an online
contest, which I did not enter. Bowie lays it
heavy on that one.

  • sex'n'candy - neokid2u Wed, Jun 28th At 4:57 PM (1)
    • Re: sex'n'candy - beettact Sat, Jul 8th At 5:45 PM (0)

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