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Posted By neokid2u On Wed, Jun 28th At 4:57 PM
Sex'n'Candy was probably one of the greatest
great songs of 1997/98. I have been trying to
follow the musical journey of Marcy Playground
for a while. And everytime I see something
interactive regarding music, mp3's, flash videos,
interactive remixes, I alwasy dig in to look for
stuff as good as Sex'n'Candy. Tough! I think
this band would really extra crispy ass if they
had an interactive emix, those by mixman like the
remixable Moby at
I love playing with those mostly cause I can
remix the song but really cuase I can show it off
to friends as musical emails. It's cool to get
out my own remixed version of a cool song. So,
guys from Marcy Playground....wanna hook it up?

  • sex'n'candy - neokid2u Wed, Jun 28th At 4:57 PM (1)

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