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Posted By voodoo On Tue, Aug 21st At 12:11 AM
In Reply To: LESSON #10 VOODOO CHILE JIVE Posted By POTTTUS On Mon, Aug 6th At 7:37 PM
mr potttus- do u even know how to play or r u
just a dick who just loves clapton and thinks
he's god or something. or maybe just a wannabe.
anyway.....hendrix didn't rip clapton off. he
ripped other people off. t-bone walker albert
king (early )buddy guy....and he came out of a
traditon completely different than clapton's.
church . not blues by the pentatonic. his genius
was hiding those influences and taking them to a
different level. what jimmi offered was not notes
. he channeled something clapton couldn't
understand. that's why he was in owe of hendrix..
he respected hendrix. and maybe u should show
some of that as well cose u make a fool out of
urself. i agree jimmi pulled lots of gimmicks and
got away with it because he had conviction in the
music behind it. he wasn't happy with putting a
show. maybe u should end this argument cose i
assure neither jimmi nor clapton would like it.
understand what u listen. don't let ur weaknesses
cast judgements on someone who's music sounds
fresh and unique 32 yrs after his death.
i am not talking out of a book and i am not trying
to be a smart ass . just respect.
take care.


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