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Posted By mecca On Tue, Aug 7th At 5:51 PM
In Reply To: LESSON #10 VOODOO CHILE JIVE Posted By POTTTUS On Mon, Aug 6th At 7:37 PM
Any other version is nonsense? Why? Because it
doesn't fit in with your singleminded opinion to
disagree with any fact that doesn't display
Clapton in a favourable light?
You've got your 'facts' extremely mixed up this
time Pottus, it was Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
that wasn't going to originally be included on
Electric Ladyland, it was recorded at the last
minute before pressing when a camera crew turned
up at the Record Plant to film Hendrix in the
studio, Hendrix began to jam on Voodoo Chile
Blues and came up with the Slight Return version
live on-camera, concieved, written and recorded
it in 32 minutes flat! Listening to the takes it
proves you wrong in so many areas, it shows what
a fantastic improviser Jimi was, all of the
playing is fantastic and shows him making each
part of the song up on the fly including the few
lyrics as the takes progress.
The Voodoo Chile Blues is also entirely improvised
and is just a standard blues which Jimi takes a
step further into space with his playing, Jimi
had grown up listening to and playing the blues,
now you're telling me anybody who plays blues
songs is a Clapton ripoff? Jesus Christ is your
argument flawed.. Jimi was so talented he was
learning on the road playing backing for B.B.
King, Howling Wolf etc. Wheras Clapton was
learning playing along to THEIR RECORDS in his
nice middle class London house.
Red House follows a traditional blues progression,
but is an amazing piece of playing, just one guy
on a guitar with bass and drums, it's magic,
Clapton didn't write Have You Heard, which was
also using a traditional blues progression albiet
with lots of accompanyment, the guitar is playing
incidental pieces, Jimi is actually driving the
entire song, and Red House is far better in both
playing and tone, Clapton's improv has always
been really stiff and his tone always sucked,
Jimi was a master of both. Jimi was progression
from his blues roots, Clapton was copying
bluesmen, they both equally have a right to make
music, but when you tell me Jimi rips off Clapton
for playing traditional blues, you're being a
bloody idiot.


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