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Re: Did I miss something?

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Posted By Bob Dylan's Grandmother On Tue, Jul 31st At 5:31 PM
In Reply To: Did I miss something? Posted By Astro Man On Mon, Jul 30th At 8:30 PM
Astro Man and the fine people of this forum,
Pooterous is a common household troll. He seeks
the attention that we give him. He actually
thrives on it. Albeit a sad commentary on this
chucklehead, but there are people like him in
every forum and newsgroup. I really don't care if
he likes Clapton or not, he knows that by saying
this load of crap he'll get a reaction out of
How sad and pathetic is that?? VERY!!!!
Like an abandoned kitten, if you feed it, it
go away. Well, we've fed this cat way too long.
If he had something intelligent to say, that would
be a different story. But alas, he continues to
spew his Clapton fixation delusions to an
uninterested group of people. The funny thing
I know this idiot. You probably do too!! Let's
just leave it at that. Ignore this moron.

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    • Re: Did I miss something? - Bob Dylan's Grandmother Tue, Jul 31st At 5:31 PM (0)

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