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Did I miss something?

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Posted By Astro Man On Mon, Jul 30th At 8:30 PM
When did we hit to Disneyland???
Seriously, why are you having this argument!
Potttus, this is a JIMI HENDRIX message board,
WHAT are you doing here if you can't appreciate
his music??????? You KNOW you'll never get
through because most of us didn't only listen to
Hendrix all our lives, so we KNOW what Clapton's
worth. Besides, it's obvious that you'll be
continuously insulted until you scram since
you're depreciating the musician everyone here
loves, talk about sado-masochistic tendencies!
Furthermore, they may not have been true friends,
but Jimi and Eric respected each other, did it
ever hit you that Jimi's reprise of Sunshine of
your Love could be a TRIBUTE to Cream, and not
plagia?!!!! (Jimi said it out loud when he played
this song on 'A Happening for Lulu', since you
seem to want OTHERS to use precise data!)
Lastly, how can you consider your argument as a
respectable one? You're ignoring the facts you
don't want to hear about! How can you say Jimi
was a rythm-guitar player, when the '65 tapes,
rightfully brought up by Ziggy in one of his
messages, prove so plainly that you're wrong
(besides, Jimi started out as lead guitar in
Seattle in his early youth [you would have found
that out if you had done some research on the
subject, instead of sputtering out that whoever
doesn't agree with you is an idiot!])
Go to a Clapton board, IF you really like him
(which isn't obvious, considering you're
insulting someone in whom he has, if not
admiration, respect), instead of getting crushed
here constantly!
I just can't understand what you're doing here

  • Did I miss something? - Astro Man Mon, Jul 30th At 8:30 PM (1)

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