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Posted By Andimerbob On Mon, Aug 27th At 4:36 PM
In Reply To: Re: in reply to goo goo girl.... Posted By ace On Sun, Aug 26th At 8:36 PM
>I feel your pain and teen angst. I too am a
>teenage goo fan trying to survive in a world of
>dirty pop. What do you think of Blink-182, Jimi
> Hendrix and American Hi Fi.

Jimi's cool "excuse me, while I kiss the sky..."
(or something like that...), but, I don't like
what Blink's label is doing with the commercials
and all...I still think the music is cool,
though..I still have to check out American Hi
Fi...remember...I live in a world of teeny
pop...the pain...the horror...the angst...
mad about goo,


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