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Posted By LilgooNikki On Mon, Aug 27th At 1:25 PM
In Reply To: Re: Nice surprise Posted By Aimee On Sun, Aug 26th At 9:17 PM
>wow! that's so cool. it's great how liking the
>same band can make strangers go up to a person
>and start a conversation. i wear my ggd necklace
>every day...and when i used to work at Dairy
>Queen several customers mentioned that they
>loved the goos. and the owner told me his wife
>is obsessed with them. ;-) there is also a very
>cute guy who works at blockbuster by me who
> noticed. too.

I live in a really super small town where everyone
knows everyone, so everyone here knows I love the
goos. At the groccery store they call me the goo
girl, even at the electrionics department of
walmart they know I like the goos. I wear my goo
shirts, hats and necklace whenever I go
somewhere. When I got back from the dec 3rd
buffalo show I went to the city with my mom to go
christmas shopping and we were in a waldon books
and I had my Buffalo shows shirt on and I was
just walking around talking to my mom and these
girl kept following me around. I'd go down one
isle and they would follow me. My my mom noticed
and asked me what they were doing and I said I
think they are trying to see whats on my shirt.
I've had people ask me if I like them, but alot
of times I get people just trying to see whats on
my shirts, mostly teenage girls. It doesn't
bother me. I think its kinda cool :~)


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