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Posted By eva On Sat, Aug 25th At 11:29 PM
In Reply To: Re: Nice surprise Posted By trac On Sat, Aug 25th At 10:49 PM
>>Hello everyone.... been reading the board here
>>for over a year but only posted once. I have
>>to tell you though, I just got back from
>>Universal Studios in Florida (HOT) and I wore
>>my Goo's shirt (Dizzy up the Girl tour) and I a
>>few people came up to me in the park and
>>mentioned about my shirt. I met a girl from
>>Russia, she was just crazy about them, and a
>>couple of people from Germany. They were such
>>nice people. I told them about the board here,
>>so I hope they join us here at the World of
>>GOO. My husband just rolls his eyes and
>>laughs, I am like a teenager though when it
>> >comes to the Goo's HA!!

>That's great!...Good thing you wore that shirt,
>or else you would have had to walk around
>singing Goo songs at Universal Studios in order
> for anyone to know you were a GOOber!
>It would also be great if the people you met came
> and visited WOG :)
>GOOD job, Goo Goo Girl!

hi Goo Goo Girl! glad you joined's
interesting how there's so many people overseas
that are goo lovers. universal goo!


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