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Re: I like Garbage,and what kind of music you guys listen to right now.

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Posted By hell on earth On Tue, Jun 27th At 12:25 PM
In Reply To: Re: Here some questions about Garbage Posted By Cup of coffee On Tue, Jun 27th At 3:45 AM
Do you guys like Beautifulgarbage album?Very good
songs in it.Like Cup of coffee,Silence is golden
and Nobody loves you.Shirley Manson one of my
favorite artists.And Mylene Farmer of course.I
guess this is two of my favorite artists.By the
way,Why do you love me is a great song in new
album,even if I do not like Bleed like me.Some
songs are ok,some not.And I wish I'm going to get
a cd with a soundtrack from James Bond movie.One
of my favorite songs.This cd very expensive at wish I could have money to buy
it.Also I wish I will find Mylene Farmer's cds at
Best buy.This is almost impossible to find .I
found several cds in internet at a big
price.Right now I listen to a different kinds of
music:techno,pop,the best of U2.And no way to
heavy metal or rock,because after being two times
in the hospital it gives me headache.And
yeah,Garbage still my favorite band after
all.Also I would choose All that you can't leave
behind from U2.This is what I like .


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