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Posted By Cup of coffee On Tue, Jun 27th At 3:45 AM
In Reply To: Please join my new Garbage message board!!!!! Posted By Shirley's Fan On Sun, Jul 10th At 8:54 AM
Well.What can I say.I'm addicted to music.She is
a great artist.Well.What else I like about
Shirley Manson.Let me think.Music is great and I
would like to be a bitch and pee on somebody.And
yeah,I'm very interesting how long she can
lasts?I'm not a lesbo,but orgasm it's a good
thing.And what she is going to say to a guy,who
wanted to pee in her butt?That guy probably an
elf or homo.And yes,why she likes blow job?I
don't find it sexy.I would never do it.I would
rather shit on a guy .And yeah,do you guys have a
picture of her ex husband?I wanted to see how he
looks like.Thank you.And yeah I like
Beautifulgarbage album.This is cool,sexy and just
good songs in it.I like this album a
lot.Fantastic music.


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