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Posted By googs On Sun, Feb 20th At 4:30 AM
In Reply To: Guitar Lessons Posted By Bobby B On Sat, Feb 19th At 7:33 PM
>If you like my guitar method join me on the Oasis
> board, the links at the bottom!
>Six Tips For Working Out Oasis Songs On Guitar.
>The method i use is:
>1. I think of an Oasis song that I really like
>(preferably "Wonderwall" because it gives me a
>2. Then I find out the chords/tab/key from my
> easy
>guitar versions Oasis songbook. It takes a
> little
>hard work to form a Cmaj chord, but it's worth
> it
>in the long run.
>3. Then I take my Beatle wig and matching
>sideburns off my Liam dummy and put them on so I
>can get in the mood.
>4.Then I hum the chorus to Wonderwall whilst I
>masterbate and play guitar at the same time.
>Let's see Noel do that!
>5. After a truly astonishing orgasm I use the
>semen soiled tissue to clean off my 6 string.
>6. Relax for half hour and repeat steps 1-6!!
>After 2 years i now go from 1 to 6 in no time at
>BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: Use a towel if you can.
>Remember to only use basic first position
> chords.
>And then after a while you'll sound like a John
>Lennon clone too! Don't try to become an
> original
>artist though, because people will actually end
>up enjoying your music and that wouldn't be very
>"Gallagher" would it?
>Ps. Be careful when using lotions and other
>ointments as peeling may occur. Bobby B

Wow you're here too! You really get around don't

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