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Posted By Bobby B On Sat, Feb 19th At 7:33 PM
If you like my guitar method join me on the Oasis
board, the links at the bottom!

Six Tips For Working Out Oasis Songs On Guitar.

The method i use is:

1. I think of an Oasis song that I really like
(preferably "Wonderwall" because it gives me a

2. Then I find out the chords/tab/key from my
guitar versions Oasis songbook. It takes a little
hard work to form a Cmaj chord, but it's worth it
in the long run.

3. Then I take my Beatle wig and matching
sideburns off my Liam dummy and put them on so I
can get in the mood.

4.Then I hum the chorus to Wonderwall whilst I
masterbate and play guitar at the same time.
Let's see Noel do that!

5. After a truly astonishing orgasm I use the
semen soiled tissue to clean off my 6 string.

6. Relax for half hour and repeat steps 1-6!!
After 2 years i now go from 1 to 6 in no time at

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: Use a towel if you can.
Remember to only use basic first position chords.
And then after a while you'll sound like a John
Lennon clone too! Don't try to become an original
artist though, because people will actually end
up enjoying your music and that wouldn't be very
"Gallagher" would it?

Ps. Be careful when using lotions and other
ointments as peeling may occur. Bobby B

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