In a recent Source Magazine article, Bone stated that ties with Bizzy are tenuous at best.  The other members claim that he wants nothing to do with most of their appearances and they are fed up with it.  Although Bizzy talks to Layzie on a daily basis, he has hardly spoken to the others in months.  The other Bone's had some harsh words for their long-time homie.  Bizzy says he doesn't want to be around people that don't want to be around him.


A lot of people have been spreading rumors that Bone is breaking up.   Do ya'll want to take this opportunity to straighten out the rumors? What's the deal?

KRAYZIE BONE: Bone got... Bone got... we just like any other group struggling in the game. We got problems. Ya know what I'm sayin'? We go through our problems and we get 'em together. It takes some problems more to get over, but that don't never stop nothin' that we doing. Bone [is] constantly rollin'. Ya know what I'm sayin'? Constantly rollin'. So Bone ain't never broke up... cause we constantly rollin'. Nothin' stopped. 

WISH BONE: It ain't even like that. It's just that certain shit don't go the way it's supposed to. Like we all right here doing this shit here and Bizzy supposed to have his ass here too and he ain't here. So it's like the same bullshit over and over again. So it ain't us, it's just one asshole that's it. But you know though, we got a lot of other shit going on, too. Me and Krayzie got Thug Line Records and my solo release is on Thug Line Records. And we got some hot artists on that muthafucka. There's a lot of shit going on, too. 

So is everyone still cool with Bizzy?

WISH BONE: Yeah we cool, he's just an asshole! We always gonna be cool; we originated this shit. We've grown up a lot. It's not for fun no more; it's a business! We gotta get something out of it. Ya know what I'm sayin? It ain't about flossin'. We gotta build futures for our kids and families and shit. And he's an asshole, so I guess he's gonna do his thing. 

His solo record seemed to be moving in a different direction than the Bone albums.

WISH BONE: Right... still showing love... like some dumb asses. But not no mo'! Cause if it's fuck you nigga... if it's fuck me nigga... then you know it's fuck you!

What do you think is responsible for all this tension?

WISH BONE: It ain't no blame cause everyone know what the fuck they gotta do. Everybody has a role to play in every situation and the muthafucka ain't been fillin' up to his obligations... so fuck him! 

How long has it been like this?

WISH BONE: I mean, we've been holding it down for a long time without letting muthafuckas really know the real, but uh, that shit's been going on like that for a long time... for real...some ho shit! 

So what do you think everything would be like if ya'll didn't have the success and were still chillin' in Cleveland?

WISH BONE: I don't know man... that's like reversing time and predicting the future. I don't think I could do that. 

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