Krayzie Bone Speaks [HHTV]


Q. When does your new album drop?
A. August 28th "Thug On Da Line"

Q. Who produced it and what other artists are on it?
A. Neptunes did a track and I used Sade for vocals on "Hard Time Hustlin"

Q. Are you single?
A. At the moment yes.

Q. Ever plan on getting married?
A. Most artists have wives & kids, I have 5 myself... I plan to settle down with that 1 woman whenever she comes...

Q. What's your view on some of the new Hip-Hop that's coming out right now?
A. It's at a level where rappers talk only about material possessions they have, and where I come from all that means either your a buster or that you really dont have that much at all...esp. if you tell me in every song that you make

Q. What's your take on Napster?
A. I'm not with the old Napster when they were giving away songs for free, but the new service sounds good, at least we as artists can benefit from downloads

Q. Future plans?
A. We are all working on the new Bone album due later this year...Its off the hook...

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