Q. What does L-Burna mean?
A. Lay is burning up the game

Q. What makes you lazy?
A. I sit back, contemplate on everything before I Make a decision. I move with caution

Q. What is Bizzy doin right now?
A. He got an album coming out seven days before mine is due

Q. What makes thugs fall into harmony?
A. Just the melodic feel, unified as one

Q. What else do y'all trip on besides ecstasy?
A. Hennessy

Q. What's East of East199?
A. Shheeeeit! East 2099

Q. What happens on the 2nd of the month?
A. Put somethin' on the grill, cop a 40' or somethin

Q. What is the exact number of bones in the human body?
A. Sheeeeesh... 300 and somethin'.  I dunno, I aint all up on anatomy right now.

Q. What gives you good vibes?
A. Mary J., Mary J.

Q. What is idea of a perfect woman?
A. Mary J... green and wrapped in somethin' brown an tight.

Q. What's missing from Hip-Hop right now?
A. The real ____ of the streets

Q. What seperates Pop music from Hip-Hop?
A. You can feel Hip-Hop in a thug matter, its gritty.  Pop music is pretty.

Q. What did Popeye eat to get stronger?
A. More of that green spinach baby

Q. What would you give for 5 mics?
A. A bomb-ass album

Q. What was the last girls' last name?
A. uhhhh.... hooker, I dunno.  The last bitch was a hooker

Q. What is really gangsta?
A. Strappin on ya boots and gettin down foe ya thang, on ya _____

Q. What does it takes to get you up in the morning?
A. A blunt, a nice breakfast and a moment with my broad.

Q. What was the last time you got so drunk that you don't remember?
A. Shit, 'bout two days ago

Q. What would you describe you style as?
A. My style is just raw-real, reality rap

Q. What do you miss most about Eazy-E?
A. I just miss him being here with the good herb and just showin' up on us and just like, "What y'all wanna do today?"  And, most definetly the music.

-------------- END --------------