An exclusive interview with ASU of Thugline
Interview done by Thomas for Thugline Records 9th August 2001
Edited by Rukas aka Michael for Thugline Records 11th August 2001

----------------------------------------- What's going on with you and Thugline right now, rumors have been going around that you wanna leave, tell us about it?
Asu: The deal with me and Thugline is nothing as far as I know, I want answers and can't get none. So that's like the relationship

What's the reason you think that Krayzie can't put you out like you want?
I haven't heard nothing from Krayzie yet, so i gotta do me.

What do the other Thugline members, like LaReece and K-Mont feel about it?
They don't care what people think on or off the line, cuz they are for their own.
They are cool with me, i think, but you never know. I ain't got beef with anyone, till somebody play they self out, as they always do.
Then they beef is wit they self, not me, cuz clowns wear make-up and costumes, Asu don't change

Your solo ablum that was planned, when will it come out or will it even come out?
Who knows man, I pray for the truth to shed light and if it don't, it don't.
I'm a mere man with what they say is "God's Gift".
Whether or not somebody opens it they do or they don't, cuz like K-Mont said "I ain't sold one record" so there you have it.
Well I ain't sellin' my soul for shit and that's the bottomline

Do you know why artists like ThugQueen, Relay, Powder or Poetic Hustlaz were dropped or left?
I don't know shit myself, so i don't know other peoples story's or bizz

Who owns the rights of the songs you did with 2Pac for the One Nation project and will they ever be released?
Death Row Records & Pac's mom's own the rights of those songs, i dunno if they will ever be released.

Was the One Nation album supposed to be released on Makaveli Records?
Naw, it was a supposed to be Death Row Records release.

Was Makeveli Records really setup and who owns it now?
I don't know about that dawg, that were plans after the One Nation project.

If you could chose to take back one day in life which one would you take and why?
The day i left my daughter and her mom and i didn't get my shit together.
That was the day of my life i will forever regret.
It is that much harder without family.
Unconditional love is more precious than all that other shit you see on TV. Your real family does not act.

What artists were you influenced by?
All those in the game or who has left the game has brought something to the game.
Not biters, dickriders or wannabe's.
True talent is in the heart and appears effortlessy.
Any one can be trained to do anything.
Start puttin' some of these hungry mofo's out there and i ain't talkin' about myself.
I will be more than satisfied with whateva god has planned for me next.
Rapping, working in a warehouse, construction, i don't care as long as i'm happy and my daughter is straighter than i am.

What you wanna say to all the fans out there?

To you who like or dislike Asu, you are not his maker so judging him is wrong.
Thugline will do whateva God wants it to do.
Good memories and some bad ones are what i have, just like all crews, squads and families in the industry.
Nobody is perfect, but the key to any relationship is communication once that's gone you have what?
Nuttin' but love to my peoples and my haters if i see you, i see you, if i don't , i don't. God bless us all!!!
Plus ya'all need to stop hatin so much, remember the Devil is not everywhere God is, but God is everywhere the Devil is. You choose and that's why it is your fault!

-------------- END --------------