These ladies aren't just barenaked, they're five guys who make great music.  Read on and see how they got their start.


Steven Page

singing, acoustic, electrical guitar

Ed Robertson
acoustic, electrical guitar, singing

Tyler Stewart
drums, singing

Jim Creeggan
double bass, guitar, bass, singing

Kevin Hearn
keyboards, accordion, singing, electric guitar

IN a world of mediocre melodies and less-than-inspired lyrics, the alternative pop genre has more than enough room for cleverly-crafted double-entendres and grin-inducing wit. Although They Might Be Giants probably hold the reigning title as kings in this area, Canadian popsters Barenaked Ladies surely might be considered heirs apparent.

The germination of BNL began with lead singer Steven Page and guitarist Ed Robertson in the Toronto suburb of Scarbourough where the two grew up. Although acquainted as children, the real connection took place in 1988 when both worked as counselors at a summer music camp. Playing small gigs around town, the duo caught the ears of camp alumni Jim and Andrew Creeggan, and Barenaked Ladies suddenly had a bassist and keyboardist; the addition of drummer Tyler Stewart rounded out the line-up in 1990. The quintet recorded a five-song, self-titled cassette (known to BNL fans as "The Yellow Tape") which eventually made Canadian music history as the first independent recording to sell over 80,000 units. A deal with Sire led to the 1992 debut album Gordon, which set the tone for the group's tongue-in-cheek humor, youthful pop-culture lyrics and upbeat tempos. The 1994 sophomore album Maybe You Should Drive reflected both a musical and personal growth with more sophisticated (yet still loopy) content and sound. Though Andy Creeggan left the band to go back to school in 1995, BNL's 1996 Reprise release Born On A Pirate Ship wasn't affected by the departure, and continued with more mature themes without ditching their irrepressibly playful style.

As they prepared to release 1998's Stunt, the Barenaked Ladies seemed poised to make their biggest commercial splash yet. But no one, not even the band, was prepared for the album to make an astounding debut at No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200, selling over 140,000 copies in its first week alone and remaining in the top 10 for weeks to come. Considering that an estimated 80,000 Bostonians showed up for a local Barenaked Ladies instore performance in July '98 (the show obviously had to be moved outside the store!), it looks like the Ladies will have to put aside their favorite activity--touring the intimate clubs of Canada and the U.S.--in order to play the much larger venues necessary to hold their ever-growing fanbase.

This Biography was written by Anastasia Poland.
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