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Rare and Live Rage Music

New ('99) Live Sound Clips

    Testify (Mumia benefit)
    Maria (Mumia benefit)
    Mic Check (Mumia benefit)
    Guerrilla Radio (Letterman)
    Broken Man (El Rey, Los Angeles, 11/05)
Rage and Tool song
This song was originally recorded to appear on the "Judgement
Night" soundtrack - but, for unknown reasons, was never released.
It's title is unknown, but "You Can't Kill the Revolution" is
what people are calling it.

Rage in the Media, Interviews, etc:

Tom calls KROQ about Mumia
During the week before the Mumia Abu-Jamal benefit concert in New Jersey on Jan. 28th, 1999, a lot of controversy was thrown around. Tom Morello caught a radio DJ talking about the case in bias, and called the radio station to discuss the matter on the air. Here are the audio transcripts in MP3 format:

Tom Calls in, then disappears
KROQ guy spews anti-Mumia propaganda
KROQ guy pleads for Tom to call
Masses voice their ignorance
More uneducated opinions
Tom calls back
Tom gives us some more
The ending, with Killing in the Name

ZIP (Mp3)
ZIP (Mp3)
ZIP (Mp3)
ZIP (Mp3)
ZIP (Mp3)
ZIP (Mp3)
ZIP (Mp3)
ZIP (Mp3)

Tom on Howard Stern
Howard Stern's show also caught wind of the Mumia benefit concert controversy, and Tom Morello appeared on his show with Mumia's attorney, Leonard Weinglass, and the "widow pig parrot", Maureen Faulkner.

Tom Interviewed on "The End", 107.7 Seattle

    Where can you find Tom hanging out?
    Tom talks about playing the Coachella festival with Tool
    What inspired the title of the new album?
    The vibe of the album, and why it took a year to make:
    Tom speaks of his "amazing" guitar sounds
    "Guerrilla Radio" (secret behind the solo):
    Tom's favorite songs from BOLA
    So Tom won't be greased-naked for New Year's?
    Doin' IT for the fans, man
    DJs need not apply...
    Rage on the small screen machine
Brad Interviewed on JJJ, Australia

    Clip 1
    Clip 2
Random Clips

    Zack introduces Rage
    Mary Morello introduces Rage
    Steve Forbes introduces Rage

"Wallpaper" images

Here are some Rage Against the Machine computer murals:

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