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Rage Against the Machine
The debut album, released at the end of 1992 on the Epic label of Sony. Contains ten tracks: Bombtrack, Killing In The Name, Take The Power Back, Settle For Nothing, Bullet In The Head, Know Your Enemy, Wake Up, Fistful Of Steel, Township Rebellion, Freedom. Front cover is monk burning in an intersection in Vietnam. Available on tape, vinyl, and CD.

Evil Empire
Released April 15, 1996 . Contains 11 tracks: People of the Sun, Bulls on parade, Vietnow, Revolver, Snake Charmer, Tire Me, Down Rodeo, Without a Face, Wind Below, Roll right, And Year of tha Boomerang. Released on Epic/Sony. Cover depicts a weak white boy with a grin on his face wearing a cape and a shirt with an "e" on it. An orange star lies behind him. Available on tape, vinyl, and CD.

Live and Rare
This was a CD released in Japan to "prepare" for their upcoming Japan tour in 1997. Tracks are taken from B-sides or previous singles, most are live. The tracks are: bullet in the head (live), bombtrack (live), settle for nothing (live), take the power back (live), without a face (live), fuck tha police (live), clear the lane, darkness, hadda been playing on the jukebox (live), the hour of chaos (live with Chuck D.), and Zapata's Blood (live). Front is a mural of ladies playing accordians in black and white. Available on CD.

The Battle of Los Angeles
Released 11/2/99. Contains 12 tracks: Testify, Guerrilla Radio, Calm Like a Bomb, Mic Check, Sleep Now in the Fire, Born of a Broken Man, Born as Ghosts, Maria, Voice of the Voicless, New Millenium Homes, Ashes in the Fall, War Within a Breath. Cover depicts graffiti on light grey wall (presumably in Los Angeles) of human figure holding it's fist up, with "Battle of Los Angeles" spray painted inside figure. Available on tape, vinyl, minidisc, and CD. The vinyl version contains a free "Rage Against the Machine" slipmat for turntables.

Released 12/5/00. Contains 12 tracks: Microphone Fiend, Pistol Grip Pump, Kick Out the Jams, Renegades of Funk, Beautiful World, I'm Housin', In My Eyes, How I Could Just Kill a Man, The Ghost of Tom Joad, Down on the Street, Street Fighting Man, Maggie's Farm . Cover depicts an imitation of a popular sculpture/cultural design with the letters R-A-G-E instead of L-O-V-E arranged in four squares. Available on tape, vinyl, and CD.

The Battle Of Mexico City
Released 02/20/01. THE BATTLE OF MEXICO CITY was filmed at the Sports Pavilion in Mexico City, Mexico on October 27, 1999.

Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium
Released 11/21/03. Recorded live at Grand Olympic Stadium, Los Angeles, Californnia, on November 12 & 13, 2000.Before vocalist Chris Cornell (ex-Soundgarden) joined forces with the displaced instrumentalists of Rage Against the Machine to form Audioslave, RATM were among the most revered acts in heavy rock. The band has since faded into the annals of rock history, having left an indelible mark, and their unmistakable sound has often been copied but never duplicated. This live album (originally planned as a two-disc set with the cover album RENEGADES), harnesses the energy and raw emotion that was an RATM concert, centered around Zach de la Rocha's unabashed social commentary, via stylish and often poetic rhyming.On these 2000 performances, classic tracks were imbued with Zach's timely worldview, as "Killing in the Name" has its famous mantra morphed to "some of those that burn crosses/are the same that hold office," while the band precisely pummels its instruments. On "Freedom" (originally written to champion the cause of Leonard Peltier), de la Rocha chants "Free Mumia," in reference to his support of Mumia Abu-Jamal. LIVE is a final testament to the greatness of this groundbreaking group, having special significance as the final performances of RATM, recorded in the band's hometown of Los Angeles.

Rage Against The Machine Atlantic Records Tape
This has an intereresting story: Atlantic Records had absolutely nothing to do with the recording, and it is actually the band's demo tape that they wrote and recorded before they had ever played a live show together. The band payed for it themselves and sold it at shows for $5.00. The interesting thing is that when the band was being sought after by many record companies, Atlantic asked if they could duplicate off 10 copies for their office and the band agreed. There was some speculation at the time that Atlantic had actually duplicated several hundred and kind of let them loose (with their logo on the tape of course). The band's long held suspicions were confirmed after hearing about the tape, but, as the band's production manager said "it's a great tape to have regardless what it says on it." It contains twelve tracks: Bombtrack, Take The Power Back, Bullet In The Head, Darkness Of Greed, Clear The Lane, Township Rebellion, Know Your Enemy, Mindset's A Threat, Killing In The Name (extended version), Autologic, The Narrows, Freedom.

Hard And Face Reality
This is a 7" by Hardstance - Zack de la Rocha's previous band before Inside Out. He played guitar for this band, before forming Inside Out with two other Hardstance members.

Inside Out - No Spiritual Surrender
Contains six tracks: Burning Fight, Undertone, By A Thread, No Spiritual Surrender, Sacrifice, Redemption. Zack de la Rocha's previous band before RATM.

Lockup - Something Bitchin' Comes this Way Tom Morello played guitar and did backing vocals for this band before Rage. Released on Geffen originally in 1990, re-released on Manifesto records this year.

Soundtracks and Compilmations

The Crow Soundtrack
Rage donated the song "Darkness of Greed" to this soundtrack.

Higher Learning Soundtrack
Contains only the song "Year of tha Boomerang" on the CD, but the movie has a remix of Tire Me, as well as Year of the Boomerang exerpts.

Spawn Soundtrack
Tom Morello was the only one to appear on this soundtrack, and he joined with Prodigy's Liam Howlette. Song: "One Man Army".

Godzilla Soundtrack
Rage created "No Shelter" for this soundtrack.

Tibetan Freedom Concert
Rage played a whole set at this, including 6 songs, but the CD only includes one: Bulls on Parade. Coincidently the very last song out of 3 compact discs.

A live "previously unreleased" version of Freedom appears on this "rock/hop" complimation CD.

Kiss tribute album
Tom Morello and Brad Wilk played a song called "Calling Dr. Love" with Maynard James Keenan and Billy Gould. They named themselves, "Shanti's Addiction".

The Faculty
Tom Morello teamed up with Alice in Chains' vocalist Layne Staley, Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, Porno For Pyros bassist Martyn Lenoble, and keyboardist/producer Matt Serletic (Matchbox 20) under the assumed name of "Class of 99", to create a remake of the classic Pink Floyd anthem, "Another Brick in the Wall, pt. 2".

The Matrix
Rage added "Wake Up" from the debut album to this soundtrack. The song also appears at the end of the movie, and during the credits.

No Boundaries
A benefit record that includes "The Ghost of Tom Joad"

Music for our Mother Ocean (MOM III)
Another benefit CD with "Snoop Bounce" - the song Tim, Tom, and Brad did in collaboration with Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Home Videos

The Battle of Mexico City
This was the second video released by RATM, released January, 2001. Contains 68 minutes of concert footage spliced with a narrative documentary. Songs include: Testify, Guerrilla Radio, People of the Sun, Calm Like a Bomb, Sleep Now in the Fire, Born of a Broken Man, Bombtrack, Know Your Enemy, No Shelter, War Within a Breath, Bulls on Parade, Killing in the Name, Zapata's Blood, Freedom; Extra DVD Footage: Zack de la Rocha's narrative of the EZLN and conditions in Mexico, two interviews: Noam Chomsky and Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN, as well as 5 in-depth sections providing background information on NAFTA, EZLN, UNAM, students, Diversity, Globalization, and Independent Media. Each section contains articles and links to numerous websites to explore each of these topics in detail.

This is the official Rage Against the Machine video. Released on November 25th, 1997, it includes 70 min of live footage, and the music videos Rage has released. Songs include: The Ghost of Tom Joad, Vietnow, People of the Sun, Bulls on Parade, Zapata's Blood, Know your Enemy, Bombtrack, Tire Me, Killing in the Name. Plus, the music videos for: Killing in the Name, Bullet in the Head, Freedom, Bulls on Parade, Memory of the Dead (poem), and People of the Sun.

More RATM Videos HERE!


Bombtrack (US Import)
Contains three tracks: Bombtrack (album version), Bombtrack (from Mark Goodier's 'Evening Sessions'), Bombtrack live (recorded in America). Cover depicts Che Guevara, the guerilla leader. Available on CD and vinyl.

Bombtrack (Euro Import, Epic 660314 2)
Contains nine tracks: Bombtrack(album version), Freedom (live at First Avenue, Minneapolis), Settle For Nothing (live at Melkweg, as on Bullet In The Head single), Bombtrack (from Mark Goodier's 'Evening Sessions'), Bullet In The Head (remix), Take The Power Back (live at Vancouver, as on Freedom single), Darkness Of Greed, Bullet In The Head (live at Melkweg, as on Bullet In The Head CD single), Bombtrack (live at First Avenue, Minneapolis, same as US Import version?). Cover depicts Che Guevara. Available on CD.

Bullet In The Head
Contains four tracks: Bullet In The Head (album version), Bullet In The Head (remix), Bullet In The Head (live, CD version only), Settle For Nothing (live). Live tracks recorded at Melkweg, Amsterdam, on February 7th 1993. Cover depicts students saluting the American flag at school (aged about ten), inside cover depicts young boy holding a gun whilst men stand in a line behind him. Available on CD, vinyl and also as a vinyl picture disc. (The picture disk depicts blood coming out from the centre).

Contains three tracks: Freedom (album version), Take The Power Back (live), Freedom (live). Live tracks recorded at 86th Street Music Hall in Vancouver, B.C. on April 11th 1993. Cover is black except for 'rage against the machine' at the top and 'freedom' at the bottom with a dropped 'o'. Available on CD.

Killing In The Name
Contains three tracks: Killing In The Name (album version), Darkness (Of Greed) (different to The Crow), Clear The Lane. Available on CD-Maxi and limited edition white vinyl (produced for their first European tour but unavailable since then. You can still get hold of copies though - I saw one the other day in my local store.)

People of the Sun
Contains 3 tracks: People of the Sun (album version), Zapata's Blood, and Without a Face (live). Front graphic depicts corn reepers, and corn, along with a bullet carrying belt thingy. Available on CD and vinyl.

Bulls on Parade
Contains 2 tracks: Bulls on Parade (album version) and Hadda be Playin' on the Jukebox (live). Front image is a redneck army family in their living room in camo gear, holding guns in front of an array of trophies, and animal heads. Their daughter is in a princess outfit in front of them. Available on CD and vinyl.

Down Rodeo
Contains 1 track: Down Rodeo. This has a weird story...Rage was supposedly gonna release this as a single to the general public, and have a video and stuff, but instead only sent out versions to radio stations, and mailed some to certain individuals. Front image is a family walking through a bombed building together, with bombing planes outside. Available on CD, and vinyl.

Contains four tracks: Vietnow, Clear the Lane, Intro (Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos), Zapata's Blood (Live). Front image is what appears to be a woman in early 1900s clothing, carrying a very old radio in one hand walking on a rocky hillside int he desert. Available on CD.

Ghost of Tom Joad
The CD version of this is only available if you buy the Rage Against the Machine video. Two versions are known: The standard version containing one track (Ghost of Tom Joad), and another version containing 3 tracks (The Ghost of Tom Joad, Vietnow [live from Place of Auburn Hills, Detroit 970723], The Ghost of Tom Joad [live from Irvine Meadows, California 970919)]/) There is a vinyl version that the fan club sent out to it's members. It is a 7" purple vinyl containing the Ghost of Tom Joad, and a live version of Vietnow.

Guerrilla Radio
There are 6 versions of the Guerrilla Radio single. The standard United States version with two tracks (Guerrilla Radio, Without a Face [live]), the German import version containing 4 tracks (Guerrilla Radio [radio edit], The Ghost of Tom Joad, No Shelter,  Freedom [Live].), two UK versions: Part one containing 3 tracks (Guerrilla Radio, No Shelter, and Ghost of Tom  Joad); And part two also containing 3 tracks (Guerrilla Radio, Fuck tha Police, and Freedom), the Australian version containing 4 tracks (Guerilla Radio, The Ghost of Tom Joad, Freedom (Live - Vancouver B.C., April 11 1993), Without a Face (Live - Hilversum, Holland, May 27 1996. Taken from "Live and Rare"), and what is presumed to be a Swedish import containing 2 tracks (Guerrilla Radio, No Shelter). There was also a limited edition of Guerrilla Radio - with only 20000 pressings. Where the front image of the man in the suit with the index card would usually be white, it is red. It contains 3 tracks (Guerrilla Radio (radio edit), Fuck the Police (live), Freedom (live)) These are all available on CD. There are 2 vinyl pressings of the single, one limited/numbered 7" edition from the UK containing 2 tracks (Guerrilla Radio, The Ghost of Tom Joad). The other vinyl release is a 7" version containing the same tracks as the US CD version, and was given out at Tower Records during the record release party.

The Testify single has an image of Jesse Owens accepting a medal, surrounded by colorful patterns.

Promotional Records

Promo 'A'
Contains three tracks: Killing In The Name, Bullet In The Head, Know Your Enemy. Cover and back is completely white except for Rage Against The Machine logo on front, and track list on the back. Available on vinyl.

Promo 'B'
Contains two tracks: Bombtrack, Settle For Nothing. Cover and back is completely orange except for Rage Against The Machine written at top of front side, and a track list on the reverse. Available on vinyl.

Promo 'Rage Against The Machine'
Contains Killing In The Name, the front depicts the burning monk.

Promo 'Rage Against The Machine, Bullet In The Head'
Contains two tracks: Bullet In The Head and Darkness. The front cover is the Pledge of Allegiance classroom scene (as on the Bullet In The Head single), and the back the young boy holding a gun whilst men stand in a line behind him (again, as on the Bullet In The Head single). Tour dates with House Of Pain, and the statement 'DEMONSTRATION NOT FOR SALE' are on the back.

People of the Sun EP
This is interesting...for some reason, Rage went back to Revelation Records, and released this on vinyl only. It is pretty much a mixture between the Bulls on Parade, and People of the Sun singles. Except, the version of "Zapata's Blood" which appears on the People of the Sun single, is fuller, including the introduction with Chuck D. The graphic is the same as on the cover of the People of the Sun single.

Ghost of Tom Joad
Contains The Ghost of Tom Joad, and Vietnow. Purple 7" vinyl, with front graphic depicting a police officer attacking people on his horse with a night stick.

Battle of Los Angeles Promos
There are 3 promos known: An Australian promo available for free when The Battle of Los Angeles was pre-ordered, that contained 3 tracks: Calm Like a Bomb, Clear the Lane, and Hadda be Playin on the Jukebox. A United States promo given away free at record stores upon the purchase of Battle of Los Angeles that contains only 2 tracks: Clear the Lane, and Hadda be Playin on the Jukebox. There is also another promo containing 8 tracks from the Battle of Los Angeles - with an alternate version of Guerrilla Radio with different lyrics.


Tom Morello, Bone Thugz-n-Harmony, Henry Rollins, and Flea.
The track "War" appearing on the "Small Soldiers" soundtrack. Tom added guitar for this track. Released summer, 1998.

Tom Morello, Jimmy Page, and Puff Daddy
Tom Morello played bass and some guitar on the track "Come with Me", featuring Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page. Appears on the Godzilla soundtrack, released summer, 1998.

Snoop Doggy Dogg and RATM (minus Zack)
Rage worked together with Snoop to make the song "Snoop Bounce" which appeared on the "Doggfather" single. Contains 4 tracks: 1) The Doggfather 2) The Doggfather (remix) 3) Midnite Love 4) Snoop Bounce (rock & roll remix). Released December 1997.

KRS-One, the Last Emperor and Zack de la Rocha
Zack and KRS-1 did "C.I.A. (Criminals in Action)" on the double-LP released "Lyricist's Lounge". Appearing spring, 1998.

Tom Morello and Run DMC
Tom played guitars on the song "Big Willie" which appeared on the album "Down with the King". Released 1994.

Tom Morello and the Indigo Girls
Tom remixed the song "Shed your Skin" for the Indigo Girls. Not quite a collaboration, but....kindof.

Tom Morello and Lo-Fidelity All-Stars
Tom remixed their radio hit "Battleflag".

Joe Strummer, Tom Morello, Flea, and P-Nut (311)
"It's a Rockin' World" on 'Chef Aid: The South Park Album'.

Brad Wilk and Cypress Hill
Brad played drums on a song called "Can't get the Best of me" from Cypress Hill V: Skull and Bones.

Zack de la Rocha, Chuck D, and the Pharcyde ("Unbound")
Zack is included on a track for the 'Mumia 911' CD, with "Unbound": Afu Ra, Goldii Lokks, Pharoahe Monch, Aceylone, Wise Intelligent, Slim Kid Tre, Syeed, Zack de la Rocha, Gene Gray (a.k.a. What?What?), Tragedy, Channel Live, Dead Prez, Chuck D, Divine Styler, The Last Emperor, Black Thought, and P.E.A.C.E.

Tom Morello, Perry Farrell, John Frusciante
Tom Morello appeared on Perry Farrell's Greatest Hits album, "Rev", with John Frusciante on the title track.


Released: 11/19/02. Audioslave: Chris Cornell (vocals); Tom Morello (guitar); Tim Commerford (bass); Brad Wilk (drums).Recorded at Cello Studios, Royaltone Studios, Burbank, Akadamie Mathematique Of Philosophical Sound Research, Los Angeles, California; Audio Litho, Studio X, Seattle, Washington.AUDIOSLAVE was nominated for the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Rock Album."Like A Stone" was nominated for the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance.A modern day super-group composed of ex-members of heavy rock titans Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave was subject to some pretty high fan expectations. Luckily, the group delivers just what the doctor ordered: a seamless mix of the styles that made the individual members famous. Basically a stoner rock record par excellence, AUDIOSLAVE strips the genre down to its core, serving up one pile-driving riff after another with minimal, but perfectly placed, production flash. In any given song, the band repeats said riffs with even more bone-crushing attitude each time.Just when the listener thinks his/her head will go numb from too much stud-rock low E-string twanging and Montrose-era Sammy Hagar-esque wailing, however, Audioslave wisely throws in a ballad. Sure, it's a proven rock formula, but these guys are professionals fully in control of the situation; AUDIOSLAVE bristles with a no-frills, offhand intensity that throws down and reminds those silly nu-metal poseurs what heavy rock is all about.

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